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Tags are absolutely core to Tudumo. A tag is essentially a small text snippet (e.g. "@Home") that is added to an action. By tagging multiple actions with the same tag you group them together. You can tag one action with multiple tags. so instead of having to decide whether an action is to be done @Home or a chore, you can add both tags. Once added, you can use the tags to filter by clicking on the tags that will appear at the bottom of the Tudumo window.

There are two special tags - Untagged and All:

Untagged shows you all actions that have no tag, and is the default view when Tudumo is started. To hide an action from this view, just add one or more tags to it. Use <F5> to refresh the view by filtering the list.

All shows you actions with any tag. This view is still affected by other filters, so if an action is On Hold, it won't show up if the state filter is Active actions.

How to add tags: either expand an action and click on the -tags- label (or select an action and type <ctrl>-t). Then type each tag with commas between them.

Tag Tips

Tag Tip #1 - when selecting a tag to filter on, if you hold down <Shift> and select another tag, Tudumo will perform an And so only actions with both tags will be visible. If you would like to see actions with either tag (i.e. an Or), use <Control> and click the second tag. <Alt> will exclude a tag. Tag Tip #2 - If you drag a bunch of actions onto the tag bar at the bottom, Tudumo will add that tag for all of them. If you click <alt> when you drop, Tudumo will remove the tag.


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