Concepts - Actions

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An action represents a task you want to perform at some point in the future.

To create a new action, use the <ctrl>-n key combination. Type in some text, and press <enter> to commit the change. Hitting <enter> on a selected action edits it.


The easiest change to make is to set the state of the action - click the icon on the left. You should see a menu with state options. See states for more information.


Tudumo intentionally keeps the action view clean and simple, but allows you more options. To view them, expand the action (down arrow icon on the right of the action, or just hit <space>). This will allow you to change the note, the due date or the tags.

When editing the note, remember that <ctrl>-<enter> creates a new line. You can also simply paste some text into the note field.

The tags are used to group related tasks together using one or more comma-separated associative words. See more in the tags topic.

Note that as your actions get older, if you have the heatmap turned on you will get a visual indication of action staleness.


See also: tags, headings