Concept - States

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Each action will be in one of the following set of states:

Next Action - an action that you can do immediately. Can also be used to identify important actions.
Action - the default state, an action is something you have to do.
On Hold - an action that you cannot or do not want to perform soon. When you set a start date on an action, that action will become on hold.
Done - an action that you have completed but do not want to delete just yet.
Waiting For - an action that you have delegated and keep around to remind you to check up on.
Someday/Maybe - an action that you would like to do one day, maybe. Put actions in this state when you would like to write them down, but do not want to commit to them just yet.

If you select one (or more) actions, you can set the state with the keys 1..6 and filter for state using the keys <ctrl>-1..8.

The state filter is used to widen or narrow your focus, either on a combination of states or one state at a time. Above the line you can focus on only Next Actions or add extra states until all actions are visible. Below the line are other common single-state options. Sounds complicated? Try it!