Concepts - Filters

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Filters reduce visual overload by hiding things. The screen becomes simpler and you can focus on your tasks at hand.


There are a few filters at your disposal:

The tag bar at the bottom will filter by the selected tag. More about this on the Tag topic.
The state filter is set to Active Actions by default. That means you will only see Next Actions or Actions, i.e. actions which are active. Changing this filter is a quick way to narrow your focus to more or less important actions.
The heading filter allows you to focus only on items under a given heading. This lets you hide everything that isn't part of a project, for example. To use this, click on the arrow on the far right of a heading. All other headings and actions should then be hidden. Click again to show them.
The date filter will restrict the view to actions that occur in the near future.

Note that each filter works partly independently, so you can filter using different combinations.


Example combinations:

Set the state filter to Next Action and select the All tag - this shows you next actions across all headings/projects.
Focus on a heading, and then select a tag on the tagbar to see only actions in the heading with the selected tag.
Click the show empty headings filter, which will toggle the view of headings with no currently visible actions.

Fairly important - the tags visible on the bottom of the window will also be filtered. So focusing on a heading will only show tags for actions in that heading. Similarly, selecting a tag will filter out the headings. Sounds complicated, but all it means is that some filters affect other filters and this cleans up the view.


* Tip: after setting the state or tag on any action, use the <F5> key to filter the current view.


Play with it and test out various combinations - you'll soon have favourite views you'll like using!