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simpler tasks, for busy people

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It *looks* simplistic, but now that I'm using it, I know it's pretty darn powerful.
- read Sue's review

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GTD? What’s that?

GTD stands for “Getting Things Done” - a book and productivity methodology.
With GTD, your overwhelming workload becomes a structured set of tasks - you focus only on the actions you can do next.

Tudumo distills GTD principles into a clean and simple user interface. Great shortcut key support makes entering your actions fast and easy. Once you're actioning your tasks, Tudumo helps you focus on today’s work by reducing distractions.

Simplicity, speed, power and an interface you'll really enjoy using!

The ultimate Windows to-do list

Instead of managing many lists scattered all over your computer, Tudumo keeps everything together so you know exactly where it is. You can see all tasks, or focus on a subset and ignore everything else.

You can filter by tags (e.g. @Home, today, birthday), by due date, by the state (e.g. done, on hold) of your tasks or by project. Together, these filters give unrivalled freedom in a really sexy user interface!

If you're a Getting Things Done (GTD) user looking for a great tool or just need a seriously powerful to-do list, try Tudumo today!

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New! Online sync
Share your tasks between computers.

Drag and drop documents or URLs to read later.

No more info overload
Improve your focus by hiding distractions.

Recapture your time with Tudumo’s super-fast keyboard shortcuts, tags and searching.

No need to remember your todo list
Print out any view of your actions, or install Tudumo on your USB flash drive.

Keep your tasks safe
Tudumo keeps many backups and automatically saves changes so you don’t have to.

Start using Tudumo today and see why so many people trust it with their most important data - their future plans.

“...working better than anything I have tried...”

Matt Penning,
Vashon Island, WA

“I think it’s the best to-do list software I have ever used.”

Jonathan Peachey
Digital Public, London

“ I now stay on the most productive tasks better than before, and I use additional pockets of time that are sometimes wasted.”

How I Use Tudumo
by Mark Rice, MBA

“Tudumo has changed the way I do things and has simplified my life a lot.”

Tudumo review by Kevin Fosler

“je dirai que Tudumo est pour moi la killer app”

appliquer la méthodologie GTD par Azim

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