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A Tudumo review by Kevin Fosler

Tudumo has made managing my life a lot easier. It looks simple, and it is, yet it is also very powerful and a great way to follow the GTD (Getting Things Done) way of doing things. All the other GTD programs I have tried have been very complicated and require a huge investment of time to learn. Tudumo is very intuitive and I was able to start using it right away. I was pleasantly surprised as I discovered how easy it is to enter activities (tasks), headings (projects), and assign contexts. Moving headings and activities is as easy as drag and drop, and activites can be dragged to other headings. Using the filtering capabilities, again simple yet powerful, I was able to focus my large task list down to the next actions and contexts with just a few clicks of the mouse. Tudumo has changed the way I do things and has simplified my life a lot. Major thumbs up, and I am usually very critical of software.

Kevin's Tudumo Setup

Kevin was kind enough to send in quite a few screenshots of how he's using Tudumo.
This a great example of filtering down a lot of information. Here are all of his actions:

Every action on Kevin's to-do list

Fairly overwhelming, but he's created a tag for @Daily actions.
This is a great trick - one click on the tag and the only things that are visible are actions he needs to do every day.

A view of only the daily activities

More vanilla-GTD, Kevin is using the @Errands tag. I guess he could print this out
and take this list with him as he goes about his errands.

Showing us what Kevin's errands are

To get an idea of all his next actions (a GTD concept - the actions that he can do now,
without waiting for something else to be done), Kevin sets the tag filter on All
and the state filter to Next Actions.

screenshot of the Tudumo view filtered by next actions

If he has a few minutes by a phone, same thing - just click the @Phone tag and he
can whip through a couple of calls. Notice that one of his calls is On Hold so
it's only visible because he has set the state to All - by choosing Next Actions,
say, that would not be visible.

list of phone calls to make

So a slick example of how using a combination of tags, states and dates helps Kevin be more productive.
Thanks for sending this in!

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