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Sue, a web designer and software creator, reviews Tudumo


“Thank you for this lovely software”

Sue reviews Tudumo

It *looks* simplistic, but now that I'm using it, I know it's pretty darn powerful. And the simple-seeming interface has become part of what I love about it - it makes it a pleasure, a breeze and very quick to use.

I'm usually lazy about learning shortcut keys, but the way you configure the app at the beginning makes it much easier to see what is there, and I'm deeply into Tudumo shortcuts now. For that matter, I'm getting pretty deeply into Tudumo, period. It, along with my Outlook calendar, are the cornerstones of my daily and ongoing organization.

And I really, really, really like that it is not just GTD-friendly, it is GTD designed. Although, I don't see that it would be useful *only* to GTD'ers.

You should be telling me, all over the place, that you have killed yourself to make it simple, while keeping serious usefulness behind it. You should tell me right up front that it's a deceptively simple, powerful piece of software, designed for maximum efficiency and ease of use, while maintaining heavy horsepower under the hood. If people are taking it for simplistic, I would suggest that you aren't telling them, right up front, that it is NOT.

Thank you for this lovely software. The GUI is beautiful, it is a pleasure to use (and being involved in GUI design myself, I don't say that about very much). It is making my life easier, and I love it.

Sue Pichotta from www.AltaWebworks.com

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