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Testimonials and reviews!

These writers test every task manager and GTD application. They know what works and what just gets in the way.

“In my opinion, it’s the only native Windows GTD app that’s worth using.” - Lauren writing in the Conference of Creative Entrepreneurs blog. That’s the kind of quote that makes it all worthwhile!

Anand and Arun Basil Lal are top Indian bloggers and have a couple of reviews: GTD with Tudumo and Best GTD Software for Windows

Simon from WebWorkerDaily has an article called
Tudumo: Simple and Intuitive GTD for Windows, where he writes “it’s very close to what I’m looking for – perhaps as close as I will get without buying a Mac.”

In an article called “IT tools I *really* use”, Electronic Museum says:
“But the fact of the matter is, if you haven’t tried Tudumo, you’re just simply not going to get it... The first time you try it, you think - “well hey, nothing special” or (if you’re me) “desktop app? Soo last year darling..”.
But then you realise it’s something pretty special.”

GTDWannabe is a top GTD-specific blogger and did a great writeup in a post Tudumo, another great GTD tool, where she explains how Tudumo is “It’s a strong application that fits very naturally with the Getting Things Done philosophy”.

“This is the software that I use to organize my day. Nothing else even comes close, especially for those of us that like keyboard shortcuts.” - from The How-To Geek's Stumbleupon page. 45000 readers and counting, so that's a great vote of confidence!

Tudumo named as one of the TOP 5 GTD Resources for Windows Vista by Geekpreneur.

“When I first saw it running, it was functional, clean and simply amazing.
This is the first tool that has really given me confidence it will deliver.” - spareviews.blogspot.com

This application is simply great...there's a lot more features to be found, so it's well worth checking out.” - The How-To Geek's first review.
That led to a review by one of the 900-pound gorillas of productivity on the web...LifeHacker.

far superior to anything else I’ve tried - review by Jens.

AgentSully's review - really nice review and she has a ton of useful tips in her blog.

One in Arabic!
Cssbit Tudumo review with screenshots of searching, dates, different character sets! Fairly fun to see Tudumo being used in such a variety of cultures.

German review
toolblog.de wrote a writeup. I'm getting used to using Google's translate service, I tell you...

Spanish reviews
A very nice review on Visualbeta.
El Canasto's review by Jeroen Sangers, in 2007.
Recursos Para Pymes's review, which must be fairly busy because I still get visits from it.

Jon's review - he's become a very active user, and he's written a Tiddly2Tudumo converter!

GTDFrk's review that first put Tudumo "out there".

"Undoubtedly a step in the right direction for task management" - Gavin's review.


Customer feedback

It is making my life easier, and I love it
- Sue Pichotta from AltaWebWorks.com

read her review

Using Tudumo, I also use pockets of time that are often wasted
- Mark Rice, MBA

read his user story

...the whole thing is wrapped up in a very hand-coded user interface, so you don't know about tags until you use them. You don't see columns for dates until you add them to items.
...I'll be amazed if, the first time you see Tudumo, you don't think "is that it?" because it looks so simple.

- Dave Raftery on his Tudumo tips page


Just bought a licence. I just want to say that I love the software. I am using it every day!

Maybe one little point for improvement:
All the major functions have keyboard shortcuts except filtering by date.

But even without this I love tudumo.

Thank you!
- Hans Lubberink, by email

Richard - i went ahead and purchased your product. My trial version expired during a 3-day business trip (I had limited internet access), and quickly realized how dependant upon Tudumo I'd become. I was writing notes on paper, stuffing them in [note program] notes, etc. I ended up having to spend so much time going back and recreating what normally takes me minutes with your easy to use program. I'm sold go the point I'd have paid $100 to get on with my business.
- Paul Faultner, by email

Here's a review by Sergey for our Russian readers!

En conclusion, je dirai que Tudumo est pour moi la killer app des logiciels de gestion de todo-list et implémentant la méthodologie GTD.
- A Tudumo review in French, by Azim

“This is a great little piece of software that is really helping me be more effectively organized and more productive. I've been using it for probably 6-7 months now and well worth the price."
- Nathaniel Lynch

“Please make a big effort to convey your philosophy behind your software. It isn't all things to all people. It is a drop dead elegant way to keep track of a whole bunch of different actions."
- John Ames, who co-owns
Ten High Street

“I've found Tudumo to be an effective and powerful organizational tool. I'm definitely more productive than I was 2 months ago, and I would be completely lost without it. Your dedicated online support adds to my confidence in the program.”
- Jeffrey Phillips, May 21 08

There are many more, but I take great pleasure in receiving personal messages and I haven't asked to put them up yet. Thanks to all of you who have supported Tudumo and taken the time to send a note - really appreciated!


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