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These are the rules that Tudumo will use to store the data file (Default.tudumo) and settings file (tudumo.config).


Rule 1: If Tudumo is installed in the standard Program Files directory, it will save data under the My Documents directory. If Tudumo is installed anywhere else, it will save data under the directory it is installed.

Rule 2: Tudumo will create the required directories, irrespective of where it is started from.


The reasoning is that if you want to install it e.g. on a USB stick or a network server then you want the data file in the same place as the software. This also means that if you would like to move Tudumo to a new directory (e.g. a USB stick) you will need to 1) install Tudumo to that directory and 2) move your old data file to the new directory created.


Note: Tudumo will auto-save (to Autosave.tudumo) a copy of your file whenever changes are made, and recover from that file on startup if it exists. Backups are in the /backup directory where the Default.tudumo data file is.


Tudumo saves the previous copy of any file as a .prev file.