Tudumo and Getting Things Done

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Tudumo embraces many concepts from Getting Things Done a book and methodology by David Allen. The goal is not to exhastively represent all areas of GTD, but rather to create an enjoyable and effective day-to-day experience that includes some GTD concepts. I recommend that you read the book if you have not done so already.


Common question: What should I do for GTD projects?

Answer: Use headings to represent projects, and tags to represent contexts. Start off with this, and make changes only once you have a feel for how Tudumo works.



You need to deliver a report.


GTD tells us to consider that a "project", as it likely has more than one step. So create a heading with "Deliver XYZ report".


Then put down the very next thing you can do to make progress on that project. Add that as an action, and give it the state "Next Action". Ensure that this action has no prerequisites, and that it can be done immediately. So e.g. add an action "Create mindmap of concepts", set its state to "Next Action" and give it a context by tagging it "@Office".


You may add other actions as well, but try to ensure that each project has at least one Next Action. This will keep your project moving.


Then, when you get to the office, you click on the "@Office" tag at the bottom of Tudumo, and you'll be presented with all the actions that you said you would like to do in that context. If you have too many, change the state filter to "Next Action", and Tudumo will hide all other items.


Gotcha: One common trap is to force all your full project data into Tudumo. With small projects this is fine, but Tudumo is not intended to compete with huge and sometimes unwieldy project management systems. I suggest using the GTD® project support materials concept to represent all the complexity inherent in large projects, and keep Tudumo for your near-term work.

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