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ChangeLog - 27 June 2011
  • Fix - last change for notes affected new lines in the heading editor.
  • Fix - adjustment to shortcut keys for state-changes and filters.
  • Fix - minor tooltip changes. - 30 May 2011
  • Feature - dragging URL's or files into Tudumo now hyperlinks them.
  • Change - drag and drop will follow the same text rules as the quick-add window. E.g. tags.
  • Change - enter creates a new line in the note window. Ctrl-enter to toggle note edit.
  • Change - swapped hot-keys so state changes are more similar to the state filter.
  • Change - quick-add window sizeable.
  • Fix - proper message when Tudumo cannot write the key file when registering.
  • Fix - minimising an action when editing the note raised an error.
  • Fix - changing the tags for multiple actions simultaneously didn't mark all for sync.
  • Workaround - double-clicking on the note to edit it, sometimes copied the note text to the clipboard, depending on the Windows version. This seems to be a known .net issue! - 7 October 2010
  • Feature - sync tasks between computers, via the Tudumo server (see Tools menu).
  • Change - times are now in non-military format (e.g. 08:30 AM).
  • Fix - crashing on startup if a data file wasn't in all known file locations.
  • Fix - better handling of registry access failure.
  • Fix - first line of export did not have a line break.
  • (plus other minor fixes) - 16 June 2009
  • Feature - parses @tags or {tags} in the quick-add window - usage: Buy paint @errand or Buy paint {today}.
  • Change - use ctrl-enter or shift-enter to close the quick-add window.
  • Change - date filter options visible for start dates, was previously only due dates.
  • Fix - changing the state of an action didn't fire the autosave.
  • Fix - closing Tudumo immediately after a change didn't save.
  • Fix - various drag and drop issues. - 23 April 2009
  • Feature - performance improvements - e.g. startup, filtering, drag-and-drop.
  • Change - files saved to backup each time auto-save occurs.
  • Fix - some XP systems had an issue with fonts on startup.
  • Fix - menu items sometimes scrolled off the menu when keyboard was being used.
  • Fix - keys used with the menu previously fired Tudumo events, such as open/close a heading.
  • Fix - sometimes shift-clicking an action to select multiple actions selected more than it should have. - 28 January 2009
  • Feature - control-alt-h to toggle Show Empty Headings checkbox.
  • Feature - editable title for printing - see Page Setup.
  • Feature - clicking the tool tray icon minimizes Tudumo if it's active.
  • Feature - Ctrl-F1 to see keyboard shortcuts.
  • Change - action can be expanded (for dates, tag, note) only when the action has some text.
  • Fix - headings weren't being included in archives.
  • Fix - ctrl-s working properly now.
  • Fix - ctrl-shift-up/down works. Previously, an action might end up under the wrong (hidden) heading.
  • Fix - ctrl-backspace and ctrl-del work to delete the previous and next words.
  • Fix - reverted to older help file setup.
v - 17 September 2008
  • Feature - option to keep Tudumo on top of other windows.
  • Feature - new "+ Waiting For" state filter
  • Feature - added file safety on loading - protection against corrupted files by loading autosave, previous file or backups.
  • Feature - the file will only be saved when data is changed and it'll be saved in the background, after three seconds. This reduces wait time while increasing safety.
  • Feature - alt-d and shift-alt-d popup the time selector for due and start dates.
  • Change - start dates alerts will only set the state to "action" when the action is "on hold".
  • Change - ctrl-backspace works in the search box (ctrl-del etc next update). A couple of bug reports indicate this isn't perfect yet.
  • Change - ctrl-shift-h (headings-only view) now stays fixed if you select/edit a heading.
  • Change - shift-j/k now work the same as shift-up/down.
  • Fix - quick-add now adds to the top of the list when not minimized.
  • Fix - snooze/continue in popup events now initiate the auto-save process.
  • Fix - dragging below the bottom of the list doesn't scroll anymore.
  • Fix - sometimes the form was brought forward after the date popup went off - shouldn't happen anymore.
  • Fix - numeric keypad can now be used for setting states and filtering.
  • Fix - copying a completed action creates a non-completed action now.
v - 15 May 2008
  • Feature - adding * " or ? at the beginning of the quick-add window makes the action an NA, On Hold or Someday/Maybe.
  • Fix - bug handled when the updater doesn't download properly.
  • Fix - heading numbers weren't drawing properly when the window was resized.
  • Fix - sometimes setting an action to completed didn't change the "active" count at the bottom.
  • Fix - copy and pasting the same items more than once, copied the id instead of creating a new one.
v - 24 April 2008
  • Change - log file directory moved to data directory - fewer permission issues.
  • Fix - removing a note didn't hide the icon. Working now.
  • Fix - changed the direction of the j and k keys.
  • Fix - updated the default data file and help file to reflect recent changes.
  • Change - Insert key works to create a new action.
  • Change - autosave when application loses focus.
  • Change - save menu item greyed out on saves.
  • Change - update servers changed - should increase download speed consistency.
  • Fix - from now on, the updater will update Tudumo to whatever directory it's running from. Should help when updating on USB/shared etc.
  • Fix - ctrl-backspace improved in text editors.
  • Fix - dates in May are now printed properly.
  • Fix - Tudumo should be a less conservative in checking that it's running within the screen bounds.
  • Fix - shift-G wasn't displaying a value on new installations.
  • Change - new app icon(s)
  • Change - help file now isn't "modal", so you can use Tudumo at the same time as viewing it.
  • Fix - saving action ID's to the file and using them to differentiate identical items. So fixed some copy-paste bugs.
  • Fix - sometimes new data wasn't merged into the saved file if autosaved already. Important fix.
  • Feature - added an option to disable tooltips.
  • Feature - when nothing is selected the Esc key hides Tudumo - either minimizes, or closes to the task tray.
  • Change - tooltip on actions now shows the created and modified dates.
  • Change - save should be safer, and have backup file of the previous version.
  • Change - only saves when changes are made, not on every close.
  • Change - added more mnemonics to buttons, Esc key to cancel dialogs.
  • Change - days left on license now updates when the window is brought forward (user request!)
  • Fix - print preview was very slow - fixed.
  • Fix - the correct heading wasn't always being identified for an action - fixes copy/paste, focusing on a heading.
  • Fix - quick-add dialog now saves automatically.
  • Fix - double-clicking on an open textbox to select a word now works properly.
  • Fix - printing sometimes included '-note-' instead of ignoring it.
  • Fix - start on startup working again.
  • Fix - pasting completed actions didn't reflect the done status until restart.
  • Fix - some key combinations in the tag editor deselected text on key up.
  • Change - V1.0! You can now order Tudumo (see the blog for special).
  • Fix - setting a date and then deleting the action it was on did not reset the alert controller.
  • Fix - drag and drop of URL's now works in Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox 2 and 3. On my system, anyway :)
  • Fix - connection bug during checking for new version now fixed.
  • Fix - error on opening options dialog on some computers, to do with registry "Run" issues.
  • Fix - when installed on a shared folder, sometimes the autosave reported an error when deleting the autosave file.
  • Fix - improved parsing of a URL dropped from a browser, creating an action with it. Not clickable yet.
  • Fix - error caused by creating a new action, typing nothing and then clicking a tag on the tagbar.
  • Fix - some dates produced an error when generating the heatmap values.
  • Change - when a heading is focused, the search bar is removed.
  • Change - made note image more visible.
  • Change - ctrl-A selects all in textboxes.
  • Change - ctrl-backspace deletes previous word in textboxes.
  • Fix - Copy and paste used to copy two versions of an action to the clipboard if the action and heading were selected.
  • Fix - Tag bar filter updates now work properly.
  • Fix - autocomplete was not working until prompted by an action change.
  • Fix - tag rename didn't update the tag bar.
  • Feature - search now works for heading text as well.
  • Feature - autosave on minimize.
  • Feature - archive in CSV format.
  • Feature - export to CSV.
  • Change - update check is now to a normal file instead of a web service - should be quicker and more reliable.
  • Change - 3 extra time options in the reminder dialog - 4, 6, 8 hours.
  • Change - Inbox renamed to Untagged. Reflects better what the tag does.
  • Change - when editing an action, the caret now moves to the end of the line instead of selecting the entire text.
  • Change - when an alert has gone off for a due date, the date stays red until the action is marked done.
  • Change - note editor has a maximum size now, which fixes a scrolling bug when editing large text.
  • Change - user requested the Delete moved up on the context menu for actions and headings.
  • Change - escape key reverts text to previous value (cancels changes) in label and note editors.
  • Change - the due date sort comparison will consider state and alphabetical data if no due date differences are found.
  • Fix - tag font height calculation changed - sometimes the internal calculation is smaller than the font, so I check the font height as well now.
  • Fix - snooze button resets the reminder properly again.
  • Fix - background colour for the note displaying properly now.
  • Fix - heading count update occurs in more situations.
  • Fix - adding or changing a heading causes an autosave event, so mirrors adding a task.
  • Fix - renaming tag to only change case threw an exception.
  • Fix - after a tag rename, the action editor wasn't reflecting the change.
  • Fix - event sequence changed for updating tagbar after a filter, so view jumps less.
  • Fix - editing an action label and moving off it threw an exception.
  • Change - editing in the middle of a tag doesn't autocomplete anymore.
  • Feature - due and start dates remain after the alert dialog has displayed, allowing you to keep a history.
  • Feature - due or start date alerts can be turned off in the options.
  • Fix - error in showing state filter when deleting all completed actions.
  • Fix - filter sometimes did not show some items at the end of the filtered list, if the filtered list was longer than 20 items.
  • Fix - note editor did not always resize properly after editing.
  • Fix - Tudumo will now use default fonts for a new installation.
  • Fix - sorting by due date works properly now.
  • Fix - heatmap now calculates the historical date range properly.
  • Fixes - under the hood, but should remove some bugs in selection and keyboard operations.
  • Fix - note editor was not resizing after an edit.
  • Fix - note image was not showing correctly.
  • Added this page, and added a link to the Tudumo update panel.

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