Tudumo logo

What Tudumo looks like (scroll down for more!)

The main view showing only actions with no tags.

Showing Tudumo's inbox view

Selecting the "Calls" tag at the bottom of the screen.
Note how the projects that do not have visible actions are hidden,
simplifying your view.

Showing only the @Calls context, using tags

Change the state of any action by clicking on the left-hand icon. You can also just use the number keys for this. The Tudumo state menu

Expand any action to edit the note, start or end date, or the tags.
This ability makes the best use of the screen space most of the time while
offering extra features when required.

Expanding an action in Tudumo to show more details

The images don't really do Tudumo justice - there's a lot more going on under the hood!
It's really fun to use, so download Tudumo, or watch the Tudumo how-to video
if you have a bit more time.

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