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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • When can I have sync between my computers?

    Now! See the sync FAQ.

  • Will there be a web version?

    The sync is a precursor to a web view - once the data is up and syncing well, I'll start adding a web interface.

  • What's special about Tudumo?

    Concept, look and feel and attention to detail.

    Tudumo lets you tag actions, put them into headings, and quickly filter out what you don't need so you can focus on what you're doing. Tudumo treats your screen space with respect - it won't take up half the view with columns of "due dates" and "priority", because the most important thing is the text in your actions. You don't get a "..." to indicate that your action is too big - Tudumo wraps it. You'll find this is also really fast to use, especially once you know the shortcut keys well.
    My goal is to extend the power while improving usability.

  • Do I get free updates?

    All minor updates are free and major updates are free for a year. So if there's a big update 11 months after you buy - it's free until the next major release! After that you won't pay full price, either.

  • Where do I put a GTD "project" in Tudumo?

    Short answer - use headings.
    Longer answer: how I manage projects.

  • Tudumo is trying to connect to the network. Why?

    This is to check for updates, and only that. Tudumo did ask you if it was okay when you first ran it, but if you prefer to disable that then uncheck the checkbox under the Help/Check for Updates menu.

  • The installer can't download .Net 2.0 - what should I do?

    It could be because of your proxy - if so, download the .Net 2.0. install from Microsoft's Download Center, run it and then run the Tudumo installer again. If you have any problems, mail support and we'll try help you out.

  • What's your privacy policy?

    Click here: privacy policy. Aside from basic cookies that show how long since you first visited and which website you came from, I'm not interested in any other info. I can't stand websites that market at every opportunity, so I won't.

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